A list of lists

This is a list of the asian dramas and movies I reviewed in this blog.

Korean drama:

1995 Sandglass
2000 Autumn in my heart
2002 Successful story of a bright girl
2003 Damo
2010 Drama special - Pianist
2010 Drama special - Boy meets girl  
2011 City Hunter
2014 Twenty years old

Korean movies:

2001 Friend
2002 The classic
2003 My tutor friend
2004 Temptation of wolves 
2008 The good, the bad, the weird
2012 A company man
2013 Hot young bloods  
2013 Friends, the great legacy

Pinoy movies:

2014 Bride for rent
2015 Must date the playboy

Thai lakorns:

2006 Aum Rak
2009  Sood Sanae Ha
2016 Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai

Thai movies: 

2014 Kid Teung Wittaya 

Japanese dramas:

2000 Yamato Nadeshiko 

Pinoy series:

2015 Pasion de amor

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