This is my list of sites to which I refer for Asian drama and movies.

Korean dramas and movies reviews/recaps:

Dramabeans - the best site for any kdrama lover. It has tons and tons of information, recaps and reviews and also posts explaining the wonderful world of kdrama to beginners. (here)
Koalasplayground - the next best site about korean dramas and entertainment.
Hancinema - the equivalent to IMDB for korean dramas and movies.

Thai lakorn reviews/recaps: 

Lovefia - a very beautiful blog where you can find reviews and recaps of lakorns, classic and new. 

Streaming sites:

Viki - I don't think it needs ntroduction, but if anyone searches a streaming site this is the one. 
Gooddrama - a nice alternative to Viki.

Downloading sites:

Doramax264 - has a plethora of asian dramas and movies, from korean, to japanese, to chinese, to recently philippino. The only downside is that sometimes older shows are not available for downloading.
Jasmin's Lakorn Blog - here is list of sites where you can find subtitled lakorn. If it isn't listed here, probably it isn't subtitled. (very informative articles about lakorns can be found here and here)

English subtitles:

Subscene - I was suprised to find for how many shows this site has subtitles, and for various versions too. 

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